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Think Ahead: Plan for Nursing Home Care with the Attorneys at the McCoy Law Firm

Paying for nursing home costs can be tremendously overwhelming, especially if plans were not set forth before the need of the nursing home care occurs. Most people over the age of 65 will require some type of long-term care service, while over 40 percent of people will require a period of care in a nursing home. That is a large percentage of people—and this percentage could potentially include you or your loved ones. You never know when the moment may arise that nursing home care may be needed, so it’s best to start planning now, so that you can have control over the financial aspect of long term care in the future.

Minimize the Strain of Nursing Home Care Costs

When you are proactive with your nursing home care plans, you are reducing the strain, both emotional and financial, for yourself and your loved ones. This strain can result in a catastrophic financial crisis - either for you personally, or for your family.

Nursing home care costs vary from person-to-person, based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to location, amenities, level of and number of certified on-site medical staff members. In the state of Georgia, nursing home daily rates can be incredibly expensive. For example, the median daily rate of semi-private rooms in Georgia is $183, which can turn into a significant monthly expense if long-term care is required.

To put the magnitude of this financial burden into perspective, these costs can potentially amount to an annual rate of $71,175 for a private room and $66,795 for a semi-private room. Without proper financial planning and preparation, these expenses can become unbearable for you and the ones closest to you.

The Attorneys at the McCoy Law Firm, LLC of Cartersville, GA Can Help You Plan Your Nursing Home Care

Let our experts help you decipher what you qualify for and what you do not when it comes to Medicare. The Medicare program provides coverage for rehabilitation, but not long-term care—and it does not apply to everyone. With the government capable of enforcing an estate recovery clause, navigating the murky waters of the Medicare program can be complicated and can have severe ramifications if not handled properly.

If you are unsure about what areas to save up for, how much you should save, and all the potential programs that provide financing alternatives for nursing home care (i.e., with the help of Medicare), let the attorneys at the McCoy Law Firm, LLC of Cartersville, GA help you. Our team of experts can help you with the planning process, so that you can have peace-of-mind when the time for nursing home care approaches.

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