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Criminal Law

Being accused of a crime can have serious and devastating consequences, personally and professionally, as well as financially.  Criminal law encompasses representing individuals accused of violating the law for offenses ranging from violations of the motor vehicle code, such as traffic citations, in addition to more serious felony and misdemeanor charges, such as drug possession, theft, trespassing, driving under the influence, disorderly conduct, and driving without a license.

No matter what charges you are facing, the criminal justice system can be confusing.  The assistance of a qualified and experienced attorney to protect your rights and assert your legal defense can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.  Attorney Lance McCoy has over 16 years of general criminal trial practice experience, handling everything from juvenile court criminal actions to serious felony offenses.  In addition, Lance handles cases involving minor traffic offenses, as well as the serious traffic violations, which include driving under the influence, reckless driving, and driving with a suspended license.  As serious traffic violations impact one’s driver’s license, Attorney Lance McCoy can help navigate the complexity of dealing with the Department of Driver Services.  Having worked as an as assistant district attorney for over seven years before commencing a criminal defense practice, Lance has tried over 200 criminal jury trials.  As most cases never make it to a jury trial, Lance’s trial experience uniquely qualifies him to evaluate criminal cases.

The McCoy Law Firm has the drive and dedication to successfully defend whatever charge or conviction you may be facing.  Our firm will skillfully and aggressively defend your case and advocate for your rights.  At The McCoy Law Firm, we employ the highest standards in client confidentiality and understand the sensitive and private nature of criminal conviction cases.

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