Georgia Personal Injury Cases

Below are just a few of the McCoy Law Firm's successful settlements over the years from our Georgia personal injury attorneys. We appreciate the trust that our clients and their families place in us after these difficult and often life-altering events. Please keep in mind that the success of any lawsuit or settlement depends on the unique circumstances of each case. No lawyer can guarantee future results based on past successes they have achieved.

If you or a loved one has been injured, we welcome you to learn more about our personal injury law practice and contact our Cartersville, Georgia personal injury attorneys to speak with us about how we can help in your case.

Paulding County Woman Injured in Motorcycle Collision

A Paulding County woman was injured in a motorcycle collision while on a Sunday drive in North Georgia. Her injuries were serious and, two weeks after the collision, the insurance company reached out to her and offered to settle for $100,000. Fortunately, the woman hired the McCoy Law Firm to review her case. Following a careful investigation, we were able to locate additional insurance policies and ultimately settled her case for $750,000.

Teen Injured in Gordon County Auto Collision

The McCoy Law Firm represented a teenager who was involved in an automobile collision on a rural Gordon County road, and was life flighted to a trauma center in Atlanta. Fortunately, our client was released from the hospital the next day with no lingering injuries, but with medical bills of almost $80,000. We were able to settle the case for policy limits of $100,000 while getting the young man’s medical bills reduced to $8,000, allowing him to pocket most of the proceeds.

Tragic Death of Toddler in Cobb County

In a highly unusual case, a family from the Middle East was visiting an uncle in Cobb County. During his family’s visit, the uncle rented a car and took out renter's insurance. The next day, the visiting relatives got into the rental car and placed their toddler in a car seat. While the uncle was driving, he became distracted, the vehicle veered off the road and plunged into a lake within the uncle’s apartment complex. The adults were able to escape from the car, but the toddler drowned. This gruesome set of facts required us to prove that the toddler was alive at the time that the car plunged into the lake. Using forensic evidence, we were able to settle the case for policy limits of $1,000,000.

Bartow County Woman Suffers Foot Injury in Collision with "Stolen" Car

A young Bartow County woman fractured her foot in an automobile collision while slamming on the car brakes. She required surgery and a lengthy recuperation. The person who caused her injuries was driving a vehicle that allegedly was stolen and therefore was uninsured. The McCoy Law Firm hired an investigator to refute the insurance company’s denial of insurance and was able to settle the claim for $425,000.

Floyd County Woman Suffers Broken Collarbone in Four-Wheeler Accident

In a Floyd County case with an unusual twist, the McCoy Law Firm represented a young woman who was riding on the back of her fiancé's four wheeler when he flipped it while chasing a fox. The young woman broke her collarbone. Focusing on the effect that this young woman’s injuries were having on her upcoming wedding, and McCoy Law Firm was able to settle this claim for policy limits of $150,000.

Injured Paulding County Mother Faces Medical Bills with No Health Insurance

Our Paulding County client, a young single mom, was injured in a collision. Our client had no health insurance, no way to pay her medical bills and no way to support herself and her daughter while her body was healing. By jumping on the case quickly, the Georgia personal injury attorneys at McCoy Law Firm was able to settle her case for policy limits of $100,000 within three weeks of the collision while wiping out almost $30,000 in hospital bills.

Cobb County T-Bone Collision Causes Client to Suffer Two Broken Ankles

Our client, a young woman in her early 20’s, was T-boned by a Cobb County teenager. She was rushed to the emergency room where she was diagnosed with two broken ankles. By patiently waiting for the woman to complete her course of treatment over a two-year period, and keeping the insurance adjustor constantly up to date as to her injuries and the effect on her life, the McCoy Law Firm was able to settle her claim for $1,200,000.

Bartow County Teen Suffers Head Injury in Collision with Tree

Two Bartow County teenagers were driving around killing time on a Saturday afternoon when the driver lost control of his truck and wrapped it around a tree. The passenger sustained a serious head injury. Even though the defense was able to prove that our client knew that the driver was smoking pot while driving, and knowingly got in the car with the impaired driver, the McCoy Law Firm was able to settle the claim for policy limits of $300,000.