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The McCoy Law Firm, LLC is a family firm that is committed to protecting you, your loved ones, and their assets.  We offer an array of legal services that can benefit you personally and professionally at any stage in your life. 

Whether you are suffering from personal injuries, are facing a criminal conviction, or are in need of a legal professional to help you make important choices about your estate and long-term care options, The McCoy Law Firm has the expertise, compassion, and professionalism to counsel you or a loved one through whatever legal challenges life may bring.

The McCoy Law Firm: The Choice Elder Law, Personal Injury Law And Criminal Law Attorneys of Cartersville, GA

Located in Cartersville, The McCoy Law Firm has been serving northwest Georgia since 2003.  Founding attorneys Lance and Sharon McCoy have extensive trial court experience and are skilled at handling a wide variety of legal issues, including personal injury, business formation and consultation, and felony and misdemeanor criminal cases. 

In addition, recognizing the growing need for attorneys knowledgeable in providing compassionate legal representation for elderly family members, The McCoy Law Firm now offers specialized elder care and elder law services.

Why Choose The McCoy Law Firm For Your Elder Law, Personal Injury Law And Criminal Law Needs?

When looking for an Elder Law, Personal Injury Law, or Criminal Law attorney, we recommend looking for a firm that specifies within the field of your legal needs.

At The McCoy Law Firm, you receive just that: attorneys that have specific expertise and knowledge in Elder Law, Personal Injury Law and Criminal Law. We've made it our mission to provide you with legal services that are specified for your legal needs rather than having a broad overlook like other attorneys may practice.

This sets us apart from other firms, allowing us to really focus on your case with the diligence and perseverance you need. 

Not only are you receiving an attorney that specializes in your specific legal needs, you're getting an attorney that truly cares about your case. Sharon and Lance McCoy are meticulously attentive to each case that they work on, giving you the devotion and experience you need. 

What Are The Practice Areas Of The McCoy Law Firm of Cartersville, GA

Listed below are the practice areas that we cover at The McCoy Law Firm, LLC for your reference:

If you have any questions about our practice areas, please feel free to contact us to set up a consultation with the attorneys of The McCoy Law Firm, LLC.

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The legal team at The McCoy Law Firm is friendly, compassionate, and responsive to clients’ needs.  If you are confronted with a legal challenge and are unsure how to proceed, contact The McCoy Law Firm today to explore your options and ultimately make the choice that is right for you.

We're easily contacted through our convenient online form or via phone at (770) 382-0984. We look forward to helping you with your legal needs.